Monday, October 15, 2012

Le Grizz 50 miles - what was I thinking??

It was so cozy in my sleeping bag when the alarm went off on Saturday morning. It was already raining and I knew it was going to be a long day.  Here is my report:

OUCH.  My thoughts came in this order:
  1. Why would anyone add elevation to this distance?
  2. Why would anyone DOUBLE this distance? and, of course,
  3. Why would anyone DOUBLE the distance AND ADD ELEVATION? (not to mention roots, rocks and other obstacles??)
I love my ultra friends, but they have odd ideas of fun! 

After getting cut off at Bighorn by 10 minutes, I knew I would finish a 50 miler.  Of that, I was confident.  (after some good counsel from Rich)

Le Grizz could have never happened without my super crew:  Iris!  I didn't think I would need anything from the car, but every time she came by, I got something.  Then, when I really needed the help, she ran with me to the finish.  (miles 35-50)

Deb, Calli and Calli's husband were all super awesome as well.   I enjoyed the company. chatting with Deb, Iris and Calli.  Iris ran an extra long run for her, which I thought was super cool, too.  While we were dragging my butt to Hungry Horse, my friend Peggy was competing at the Hawaii Ironman.  Good vibes were all around as we talked about what Peggy was doing and what I was doing. 

Thanks, too, to Janice and Martin for letting me tag along to the start line with my tent and gear.  To all HURLers:  if I start talking about signing up for another ultra, make me re-read this.